Deliver Better Speeches. 
Make Better Presentations. 
Grab Your Audience's Attention 
& Sell More!

Stop Memorizing and Learn How to Internalize Information. 
Your Confidence Will Go THROUGH THE ROOF!

  • Learn how to internalize and present information without memorizing.

  • Bolster your confidence & credibility.

  • Understand your audience's body language and gauge true interest.


Welcome to Brand With!

An Ecosystem to Help You Understand, Gain Confidence In & Promote Your Brand.

This free video training will teach you how to prepare for any event in which you need to present information.

Internalizing a speech, script, lines, or other information, unlike memorizing, not only makes you look and sound more credible, but it also allows you to focus on the other aspects of communication like analyzing the listeners body language to gauge their true interest.
Ivan's enthusiasm and passion are his primary drivers along with a desire to create genuine relationships.


Professional, patient, efficient and extremely knowledgeable.


Nice to Meet You!

Before you move on, I want to introduce myself. My name is Ivan Estrada, and I am the creator of Brand With, a marketing and branding ecosystem. I created this ecosystem in hopes of teaching as many people as I can how they can understand, be confident with, and promote their brand. I compiled all the knowledge I have gained over the last 12+ years as a real estate entrepreneur in hopes of providing you with the tools I wish I had when I first got started.

I have put together a short video with the techniques I use when I need to internalize information, and I hope that these techniques will help you be more confident when delivering speeches, recording videos or presenting anything.

As a real estate entrepreneur, I constantly juggle details about multiple home listings simultaneously. I pride myself on being an expert on each property to ensure customer satisfaction with my clients and full transparency with the other involved party. Using these tips has allowed me to easily internalize the information of each listing which has given me the ability to focus on other creative ways to sell the home.




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